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Answer these 12 Questions Well so that You Become a Successful Job Applicant

The most crucial component of the whole recruiting process is the interview. In this phase, the interviewer will explore everything about you as a candidate, to really evaluate your potential for success in that role. Remember: Your time at the interview is very limited. You have to make the most of it. So you have to be able to maximize each answer to give the recruiter the best impression.

Here are some questions during the interview that you can prepare the best answer.

1. "Explain something to me in 5 minutes that you know about us (the company) ?"

This question is to know how confident you are as a candidate. Recruiter uses this question to get a sense of the candidate's level of assurance.

2. "How do you define success?"

This demonstrates whether the candidate's goals, motivations, and character align with the company's long-term vision.

3. "What's one thing you'd like to get better at?"

This shows if the candidate will be willing to learn new things to succeed in the job.

4. "Tell me about a time you completely messed up at something on the job?"

This question sheds light on whether a candidate can admit their missteps or will try to hide their failures in the position.

5. "Describe the outcome of a time you took a risk in a crisis"

This question assesses a candidate's ability to be adaptable and hints at how they handle the decision-making process under pressure.

6"Tell me about a time you had to be unconventional in solving a problem"

This question assesses a candidate's ability to know the problem-solving skills.

7. "How do you positively motivate others?"

Since positively leads to productivity, this question was asked to get a sense of how well a candidate can support fellow colleagues.

8. "If you felt we were doing something inefficiently, how would you bring it up?"

Because top-performing companies are always refining their processes, this question was asked to assess the candidate's innovation solution skills.


Be a better applicant by understanding the recruitment process better. Once you are able to master the interview process, your chances of being accepted will be far greater.


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