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Title Job List

Pengaturan kondisi pencarian

Accounting Tax Manager/Supervisor (Jakarta) ID:41768

Deskripsi Pekerjaan 1. Conduct a review of transactions (including journals)
2. Perform verification, reconciliation and analysis of the amount of taxes paid and reported
3. Perform tax planning
4. Plan and prepare measures in the face of tax audits
5. Establish good relations with the external tax
Aplikasi kualifikasi 1. M/F Ok, Min 4-6 years of relevant experience
2. Familiar with tax computation, compliance and reporting issues
3. Understand tax audits and dispute procedures, and able to liaise with the tax authorities
4. Previous experience in the tax or accounting practice of a professional services firm is preferable(KAP)
5. A Brevet B or C certificate is an advantage
Gaji Monthly Salary 7,000,000IDR 〜 15,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

HRD Supervisor (Jakarta) ID:41771

Deskripsi Pekerjaan - Manage and implement of performance management system , career development, succession plan, talent management
- Manages admainistration and maintain such as recruitment, training development, Safety, Work Permit Visa, Payroll and General Affair salary structure, compensation benefits, performance appraisal.
- Organized and supervises administrative tasks
- Developing HR Policy and Implement
- Enable organization culture
- Manage Employee Relationship
Aplikasi kualifikasi Age(Fresh): 28 - 45
Gender: Does not matter
Minimum experience at least 5 years in Human Resources as more than SPV at Japanese company
(Especially those who have experience in recruiting)
Language: English must be good(Japanese Skill will be advantage)
Gaji Monthly Salary 7,000,000IDR 〜 12,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

Corporate Relation Officer (Jakarta) ID:32021

Deskripsi Pekerjaan - Develop new and extend existing business relationships with selected Companies, Government Departments and Education Foundations
- Send direct mail marketing/sales proposals to prospective clients.
- Qualify and follow up with sales leads
- Provide weekly verbal and written reports, opportunities and forecasted closure of deals.
Aplikasi kualifikasi - Maximum 33 years old
- Home based at DKI Jakarta
- Education D3/S-1/S2 Any discipline from reputable university
- Min. 2 years experienced as marketing at training consulting company or banking or insurance
- Active English (written, speaking)
- Excellent writing skill, business proposal, letter, etc. both in English and Indonesia
- Ability to work as a TEAM
- Excellent personality with good attitude and integrity
- Target Oriented person
- Confidence, Creative, Pro-active & Self initiative
- Able to work undertight deadline Able to manage resources and team involve in the sales cycle
- Excellent communication and presentation skill and able to communicate with several levels of person in the organization
Gaji Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 7,500,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

Tax Consultant(Jakarta) ID:41530

Deskripsi Pekerjaan Monthly tax account, Annual income tax, cooperate tax refund, Transfer pricing, Due deligence
•Conducting research on tax laws
•Strategizing with clients to minimize tax liability
•Communicating with clients to explain tax issues
•Preparing tax returns
•Estate planning
•Keeping clients compliant with their tax obligations
Aplikasi kualifikasi Monthly tax account, Annual income tax, cooperate tax refund, Transfer pricing, Due deligence
•Conducting research on tax laws
•Strategizing with clients to minimize tax liability
•Communicating with clients to explain tax issues
•Preparing tax returns
•Estate planning
•Keeping clients compliant with their tax obligations
Gaji Monthly Salary 20,000,000IDR 〜 30,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

Customer Service (Cibitung) ID:41720

Deskripsi Pekerjaan - Send email to the customer
- Solving problem customer complaint.
- Provide information about all of product.
Aplikasi kualifikasi Age: 21-26 years old
Gender: Dosn't matter
Education: Bachelor
Language: English Min neo 3
Experience: Fresh graduate oke
Prefer From Top University
Gaji Monthly Salary 4,000,000IDR 〜 5,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Lippo Cikarang

Sales Support Staff (Jakarta) ID:41790

Deskripsi Pekerjaan - Assisting and Support Japanese staff member
- Screening potential candidates that match with client requirements.
- Arranging schedule for candidates to be interviewed.
- Input candidates data and information to company database.
- Disposition and rejection of all declined candidates via email.
- Liaise with candidates for arrangement of interviews via phone and email.
- Coordinate with consultants daily interview schedules.
- Working with other consultants to make sure the company standards are met.
- Follow up the client and candidate matter.
- Making report.
- Maintaining candidate’s files and records.
- Maintain the confidentiality of the recruitment process.
- Receive incoming calls and forwarding it.
- Making job advertisement (job posting).
Aplikasi kualifikasi •Education: Bachelor Degree
•Language: English NEO 3 (Japanese skill preferable)
•Experience: 1-2 years as Interpreter, Secretary, Personal Assistant or related position
•Proactive & communicative
•Willing to learn new thing, and fast adaption
•Interested in human resource industry and Japanese culture
Gaji Monthly Salary 4,000,000IDR 〜 6,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

Sales Executive / Steel (Jakarta) ID:41679

Deskripsi Pekerjaan *Maintain and expand the business from existing customers
*Develop new customers
*Making good connection with customer
*Manage the deadline of order
*Manage sales data
Aplikasi kualifikasi *Have 2 year experience for steel sales
*Good negotiating skill to clients
*Have good knowledge of steel
working in Japanese company
Gaji Monthly Salary 7,500,000IDR 〜 12,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

【インドネシアで数少ない建築事務所のダイレクター後任ポジション】建築士職 ID:17608

Deskripsi Pekerjaan 【責任重大!建築事務所の運営と自身で設計、管理マネジメントと幅広いお仕事内容です!】


Aplikasi kualifikasi >>>定年退職されて、新しい人生を考えている方、新しい挑戦をしたい方>>>

Gaji Monthly Salary 25,000,000IDR 〜 30,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

<’街づくり’に興味のある方>経験知識は不要! ID:29427

Deskripsi Pekerjaan <<<経験・知識は全くなくて大丈夫!!!>>

Aplikasi kualifikasi 【誰もが住みたいと思える街つくりに興味のある方大募集】

言語レベル:英語(ビジネスレベル) / インドネシア語(日常会話程度)

Gaji Monthly Salary 15,000,000IDR 〜 20,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta,Tangerang,Bekasi,Lippo Cikarang,Bogor

Accounting Consulting(Jakarta)(Native Japanese) ID:40982

Deskripsi Pekerjaan (1)(2)会計・税務・監査業務の新規営業及びコンサルティング業務
Aplikasi kualifikasi 必要資格


- 英語を使って海外で仕事がしたい方
- コミュニケーション能力(日本語・英語)のある方
- 新しいことにチャレンジする意欲のある方
- フットワークの軽い方
Gaji Monthly Salary 20,000,000IDR 〜 40,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

有名物流企業(東証一部上場)での営業職:日本との架け橋になるお仕事です! ID:41692

Deskripsi Pekerjaan フォワーディング業務の客先(日本人が殆どです!)との電話・メールでの遣り取り、客先・工場への営業訪問、
Aplikasi kualifikasi Gender: 男女問いません。
Education: 短大・大学卒の方
Language: 英語が日常会話喋られる方優遇!
Experience: 物流(乙仲)業界で働かれていた方大歓迎です。また、営業職に興味がある方も大歓迎です!
Gaji Monthly Salary 12,000,000IDR 〜 30,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

マーケティング兼秘書 (ジャカルタ)【経験不問】 ID:40974

Deskripsi Pekerjaan 【責任者のアシスタント業務兼秘書】
1) 書類作成
2) お客様のご相談対応
Aplikasi kualifikasi 必要資格

- 社会人経験不問

- 英語を使って海外で仕事がしたい方
- コミュニケーション能力(日本語・英語)のある方
- 新しいことにチャレンジする意欲のある方
- フットワークの軽い方
- インドネシアの現地企業に興味のある方
- マーケティングに興味のある方

Gaji Monthly Salary 15,000,000IDR 〜 20,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

会計コンサルタント (ジャカルタ)【日系窓口担当】 ID:40973

Deskripsi Pekerjaan 会計・税務・監査業務の新規営業及びコンサルティング業務
Aplikasi kualifikasi 必要資格

- 会計監査の実務経験は不問です。
- 税務の実務経験は不問です。

- 英語を使って海外で仕事がしたい方
- コミュニケーション能力(日本語・英語)のある方
- 新しいことにチャレンジする意欲のある方
- フットワークの軽い方
- インドネシアの現地企業に興味のある方

Gaji Monthly Salary 10,000,000IDR 〜 20,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

Purchasing and Logistic Manager (Paint) ID:41681

Deskripsi Pekerjaan ・Forecasting levels of demand for services and products to meet the business needs and keeping a constant check on stock levels
・Handling full set of purchase. (forecast, order, delivery, billing, supplier, warehouse management system)
Aplikasi kualifikasi - Any gender under 40 years old
- Bachelor degree in any filed
- Excellent in English
- Fast Learner, Active, adaptable
- Strong in Purchase,logistic,inventory control
- Must previously background manager (paint or chemical)
- No assistant Manager (previously job)
Gaji Monthly Salary 10,000,000IDR 〜 15,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Lippo Cikarang

【未経験可!スカイプ面談OK!】引越し営業 ID:41205

Deskripsi Pekerjaan ※※営業未経験OK・学歴不問※※


Aplikasi kualifikasi <<応募資格>>
・経験: 社会人経験3年以上
・スキル:基本的なPCスキル(Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)


Gaji Monthly Salary 15,000,000IDR 〜 25,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

【業界経験者大歓迎!】営業 - 営業以外にもマーケティングやその他業務にも幅広く携われるお仕事です! ID:41640

Deskripsi Pekerjaan <製造業向けERP/ITソリューション・その他業界向け会計システムの企画提案、販売>
- 主に製造業・商社既存顧客へのフォローアップ・関係構築と、新規顧客への営業アプローチ。
- 顧客先へ訪問し、課題発見とニーズに合ったITソリューションの提案。
- 社内エンジニアチームと連携し、プロジェクトを遂行。
- 上記以外にも、マーケティング、会計・法務・人事回りも状況に応じて担当していただきます。
Aplikasi kualifikasi 必須条件:

Gaji Monthly Salary 30,000,000IDR 〜 50,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

ERP System Engineer(Jakarta) ID:40717

Deskripsi Pekerjaan - Communicate and cooperate with the person who is in charge of IT or GA department
- Work closely with business partners to understand business strategy and build technical solutions to help support that strategy
- Facilitate the creation of business requirements for the supported functional areas
- Create functional and design specifications for all supported projects
- Develop and Install new solutions
- Perform Project Management role on all supported projects
- Contributing ERP system design and operations
Aplikasi kualifikasi Age : 27-40 years old
Gender : Female/Male
Education : S1/D3
Experience : Experienced as System Engineer for ERP(Accounting System, Manufacturing management system and Cost control system)
Language : English must be fluent (min Neo3)
Other : Must be able to understand and have knowledge of Windows SQL, Windows Server and SQL Server, Smalltalk will be advantage
Gaji Monthly Salary 7,000,000IDR 〜 20,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

Customs Manger (Jakarta) (Logistic) ID:41470

Deskripsi Pekerjaan - Monitoring all document export and import
- Custom monitoring in the field
- Monitoring delivery of goods to the destination Consignee Address, Shipper Address, Type of Goods, Delivery Time.
- Coordinate with principals overseas related to the issuance of import and exprot documents as required.
- Monitoring the clearance tracking process (green, yellow or red)
- Perform Administrative activities Export Import and General
- For operational field at doc etc urus airport (Custom)
Aplikasi kualifikasi 1. M/F Ok, min35 years,
2.Education Diploma Bachelor ok
3. have experience as Customs Mgr (2-3 years)
4.MUST have certificate about PPJK
5.English have to fluent
※PPJK stands for Pengusaha Pengurusan Jasa Kepabeanan (Indonesian: Entrepreneur Management Customs Services)

Gaji Monthly Salary 20,000,000IDR 〜 25,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

Procurement Manager (Jakarta) ID:40189

Deskripsi Pekerjaan - Manage the entire process in the planning of procurement and supply chain activities, inventory control, logistics and distribution, ensuring effectively-functioning processes to avoid costly delays and lost opportunities
- Be responsible for introducing process improvements in the supply chain and identify new vendors/suppliers without jeopardizing quality and service delivery
- Implement effective internal control, proper design and functioning of a client-oriented procurement management system for projects and related reporting requirements
- Ensure effective use of internal Standard Operating Procedures in Procurement, control of workflows, continuous business processes monitoring and elaboration of improvements in systems and processes
- Manage and monitor all transactional procurement including tendering processes, evaluation, contracting, contract management, legal considerations and payment conditions, contractors, performance evaluation and risk assessment
- Implement strategic procurement including sourcing strategy, supplier selection and evaluation, quality management, customer relationship management and performance measurement
- Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual procurement plans and progress reports as required
- Promote a zero-tolerance for violations of procurement policies and procedures.
Aplikasi kualifikasi - M/F Ok, Max 50 years old
- Min Diploma degree
- Having minimum 7 years experiences in Logistic & Transportation
- University Degree in Procurement, Supply Chain Management, Business Administration, Commerce, Economics, or related field.
- At least 7 years of progressively responsible experience in the delivery and management of procurement and supply chain services, logistics and assets management
- Proficient in the use of computer applications and systems
- Fluency in both verbal and written English is essential.
- Ability to execute large procurement programs and respond to approaches to demand resources
- Able to demonstrate effective communication and relationship management towards customers and stakeholders
- Good analytical and strategic thinking capabilities
- Excellent problem solving abilities.
Gaji Monthly Salary 20,000,000IDR 〜 25,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta

Branch Manger (semarang) (Logistic) ID:41478

Deskripsi Pekerjaan 1. Work related to custom clearance
2. To make document about tracking
3. To Understand and manage things imported
4.To Consolidation service
※consolidation service
:Cargo consolidation service provided by a freight forwarder in which several smaller shipments are assembled and shipped together to avail of better freight rates and security of cargo. Also called assembly service, cargo consolidation, or freight consolidation.
Aplikasi kualifikasi 1. M/F Ok, min35 years
2.Education Diploma Bachelor ok
3. have experience as sales in industry logistic or warehouse MGR (2-3 years)
4. have to know about procurement and export
5.English have to fluent
Gaji Monthly Salary 20,000,000IDR 〜 25,000,000IDR
Lokasi Kerja Jakarta