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[Business Administration & Management] Job search list

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Customer Service(Jakarta) ID:40123

Job Description - Responsible for maximizing the efficiency, revenue and productivity of the service department and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
- Responsible for overseeing and coordinating the maintenance and repair of all Automobile
Required Qualifications Age : 27-35 years old
Gender : Male
Educational : min D3
Experience : Experience as maintenance coordinator in Automotive Dealer
Language : English must be fluent (min Neo3)
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 8,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Purchase control staff(Cikarang)(Japanese Speaker) ID:39975

Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 7,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

Production Control Leader(Cikarang) ID:40127

Job Description - Overseeing the production process, arrange the production schedule
- Ensure effective production budget
- Decide what resources are needed
- Develop the timescale for the job
- Estimating costs and set quality standards
- Monitor the production process and adjust the required schedule
Required Qualifications Age : 27-35 years old
Gender : doesn't matter
Education : Min D3 from engineering major
Experience :Working experience as Production control in Automotive Manufacturing
Language : English business level
Other : Having good knowledge about Automotive Industry.
Good Communication Skills
Love Challenging/ Easy Going Person
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000,000IDR 〜 8,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Engineering Manager (Jakarta) ID:25792

Job Description Generally, he will be responsible to manage technically for budget proposal including pricing, tender proposal, including pricing, negotiation with client, getting order and project execution. In addition to above, he will be responsible to assist and think for budget making and control. Detail items are as follows:
-Technically need to review the requirement and do engineering work and calculation including making & review of Single Line Diagram including LVAC/ DC SLD, Control & Protection system configuration, batterty & charger capacity calculation, making & review of each layout, making BQ for each equipment & cables and etc for substation turn key project.
-Based on above engineering work, issue RFQ and get proposals from sub-contractors.
-Review each proposal from sub-contractors and make comments & negotiate for technical items and their proposed price.
-And, make best & sophisticated technical proposal and competitive price proposal, in order to make profit more than planned budget.
-Negotiation with Client and sub-contractors to guide for our profit.
-Think and take necessary action in order to get order as planned
-Manage project execution without delay & no additional cost, in order to make profit more than planned budget.
-Responsible to assist and think for budget making every 6 month including review of future plan & strategy
-Responsible to assist and think for budget control every month and take action for countermeasure
Required Qualifications - Bachelor Degree(S1) in Electrical Engineering
- Minimum 3 years experience as engineering manager.
- Candiates must form GIS substation and general engineering such as from ABB, Alstom, Siemens Power, CG
- Understand about electrical system, protective system, and it’s calculation.
- Fluent English (mandatory), Japanese (advantage)
- Excellent interpersonal skills, managerial skill, and lead skill, with ability to work independently and in a team
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000,000IDR 〜 20,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

HRGA(Cikarang)Japanese Speaker ID:39204

Job Description - Monitoring employee's attendance.
- Filing employee's data (medical certificate, OT, Leave and employee's database)
- Administration for New Employee (Prepare Id Card, Registration for BPJS Kesehatan & BPJS Ketenagakerjaan )
- Controlling GA Inventory needs all department
- Support Recruitment for New Employee
Required Qualifications - 30-40 years old
- English Conversation level
- Japanese Conversation level
- 3 years Experience of GA and HR
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000,000IDR 〜 11,000,000IDR
Location Bekasi

Project Management Manager (Bekasi) ID:34847

Job Description - Analysis of business processes or the existing work processes or to be held in the future.
- Repair SOP already existing or develop new SOP is needed according to the development activity and the company's business.
- Repair work of existing systems and also create new system according to the needs of the company.
- As an assistant of Director (Director of Food Service & Business Development as well as the owner of companies) to engage in the necessary repairs and also create new innovation and new creativity for the betterment of the company.
- Analysis of manpower in each department / division in the company.
- Analysis of existing production processes as well as its manpower.
- Analysis bonus system / incentives that exist and make improvements as necessary and create a new system of incentives / bonuses new as needed.
- Analysis of KPI and make it perfect.
- Working closely with all divisions / departments that exist in the company.
- Setting up the task or another project that will be determined later.
Required Qualifications Age(Fresh): 27-40
Gender: Doesn't matter
Religion: Doesn't matter
Education: S1/S2 - Any majoring from overseas university
Language: English: Fluent (Upper N3)
Certification: -
Experience: 2-3 years as Project Management Manager in FMCG Industry
Other: -
Status: Permanent
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000,000IDR 〜 25,000,000IDR
Location Bekasi

Staff EXIM (MM2100 Bekasi) ID:40115

Job Description 1. Manage Export Import activity
2. Arrange schedule Export Import
3. Admin task that relate to export Import activity
4. Responsible to PPIC Manager (Japanese)
Required Qualifications Gender : Female
Age : 24 - 30 years old
Education: D3 in any major, Senior high school still welcome as long have related experience more than 3 years.
Language : English, Capable in Japanese language more welcome
Experience : At least 2 years as export import staff
Certificate : -
Others : -
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 6,000,000IDR
Location Bekasi

Translator(Japanese Speaker)Cikarang ID:40110

Job Description ・edit and translate the internal document from Japanese to Indonesian.
・translate what the president says in the MTG
※in near future, there is the challenge to go to abroad branch like Thailand.
Required Qualifications 【MUST】Japanese skill is more than N2 and English skill is more than Neo-3
・better to have experience of Translator.
・expected salary is a range of 8~10juta
※more than 11juta is negotiable.
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000,000 〜 13,000,000
Location Lippo Cikarang

Secretary (Japanese Speaker) (Karawang) ID:40032

Job Description - Translate document from Indonesian to Japanese, Japanese to Indonesia
- Support Japanese adviser by interpreting.
- Interpret daily conversation.
- Support communication from Japanese to Indonesia, Indonesia to Japanese in internal and external(formal) meeting
- Support Japanese staff task
- Support the staff.
- Answering phone call, Email
Required Qualifications -Male or Female, 24-30 years old
-Education min. D3 from any majoring
-Experience min. 1 year as interpreter or secretary
-Japanese language communication skill min. N2
-Willing to work at Karawang
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000,000IDR 〜 10,000,000IDR
Location Karawang


Job Description Account Manager
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 10,000,000IDR 〜 12,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Interpreter(Japanese speaker)(Cikarang) ID:27640

Job Description -Interpret Japanese to Indonesian, Indonesian to Japanese
-Interpret Japanese Meeting
-Interpret daily conversation
-Translate Indonesian to Japanese or English to Indonesian.
-Make a Japanese documentation
Required Qualifications 【MUST】Skill: JLPT1 (※or as same as N1 level)
Age(Fresh): 25-40
Gender: dosent matter
Religion: Dosent matter
Other: non
Education: D3
Salary Monthly Salary 9,000,000IDR 〜 14,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

Japanese Interpreter (Jakarta) ID:40100

Job Description - Handling Expatriate Documentation (including working permit and accomodation)
- Handling Company Documentation
- Making Minutes of Meeting
- Interpreter (Bahasa to Japanese and Vice Versa)
- Managing overall administration function
- Handling Purchasing and Procurement
Required Qualifications Age(Fresh):25~32
Gender : Doesn't matter
Certification(License): Japanese Speaker Level N1-N2
Experience: experience as secretary or GA is preferable
Language: Japanese language should be fluent
Dynamic and accurate
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000 〜 10,000,000
Location Jakarta

General Affair Supervisor (Cibitung) ID:40094

Job Description - Responsible for maintaining And Caring Company assets
- Prepare for the working permit for Foreign Workers
- Other administrative proceedings
Required Qualifications - Gender Male
- Minimum 3 years experience as General Affair
- Current position as supervisor
- English neo 4 is OK
- Can speak Japanese is an advantage
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000,000IDR 〜 7,000,000IDR
Location Karawang

Interpreter-Japanesse Speaker (Jakarta) ID:39493

Job Description Interpreter
-translate Japanese to Indonesian and Indonesian to Japanase
-interpretation Japanese and Indonesian Documents
-translate HR documents.
Required Qualifications Age(Fresh):28-38 years old
Gender: Male only
Experience: Min 1 years or more experience as Interpreter in manufacturing company and better if have experience in automotive company
Kanji should be very nice.
Language: JLPT N1 and N2
Age: Max 35
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000,000IDR 〜 9,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta


Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000,000IDR 〜 40,000,000IDR
Location Tangerang

General affairs Manager (Cikarang) ID:40091

Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000,000IDR 〜 12,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

Sales Officer / Plastic Devision (Jakarta) ID:27762

Job Description 【Sales SPV ~ Manager】
- As sales ,machinery and materials.
- Visiting to customer with engineer team.

Required Qualifications Experience: Sales for industrial machinery and Materials at least 3 years
Experience: B to B
Language : English should be fluent
Language : Japanese should be fluent (Will be advantage)
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000,000IDR 〜 11,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Secretary Japanese Speaker (Bekasi) ID:40082

Job Description Letter Correspondence, incoming & outgoing call.
Coordinate : itinerary, meeting, business travel.
Filing and Administration
Translate Japanese/English/Indonesia
Required Qualifications Letter Correspondence, incoming & outgoing call.
Coordinate : itinerary, meeting, business travel.
Filing and Administration
Translate Japanese/English/Indonesia
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 5,500,000IDR
Location Bekasi

Assistant Taiwan Speaker (Bekasi) ID:39802

Job Description Assisting Japanese native to communicate to Taiwan office
Translate Mandarin - English and vice versa
Required Qualifications Male/Female
Age max 30
Can speak Mandarin & English business level
Willing to be located in Bekasi.
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000,000IDR 〜 9,000,000IDR
Location Bekasi

Interpreter (Native Japanese speaker) (Cikarang) ID:40076

Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 16,000,000IDR 〜 22,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

All219 (1〜20 )