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Job Description Quality control(Analizing related a data of production management).
Process control(Analizing related a data process control and quality control).
Inspection and Management of relate ISO 9001 task.
Required Qualifications Quality control(Analizing related a data of production management).
Process control(Analizing related a data process control and quality control).
Inspection and Management of relate ISO 9001 task.
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000,000IDR 〜 10,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

QC Asst. Manager/Manager for Autoparts Dept (Cibitung) ID:40387

Job Description · Ensuring every customer claims have been handled properly and communicate those claims to related supplier to get quality parts explanation or final decision until those customer claims have been solved;
· Handling Part Problem Report (PPR) in a way to manage NG parts after sales or before sales until final adjustment. There are 3 decision that can be taken as decision of PPR : disposal parts, re-export part, or NG part become OK part;
· Maintain NG area in order to ensure NG area always neat and clear in the placement of goods NG based on PPR period (1 month / 2 months / 3 months) or related with NG parts that still waiting insurance process; Determination of HS code for new part or re-active part that will be imported;
· Handling warranty claim with ensuring warranty claim appropriate with warranty manual;
· Support audit custom, customer and supplier.
Required Qualifications · Male, age 35 years old or above;
· Min. Diploma degree. Bachelor Degree from Mechanical Engineering will be preferable;
· Having min. 6 years working experience in QC autoparts in Japanese company;
· Comprehensive knowledge of custom regulations;
· Good analytical skill, target oriented, and able to work under pressure;
· Fluent in English both oral and written.
Salary Monthly Salary 8,900,000IDR 〜 22,800,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

Interpreter/Manufacturingx3 (Cikarang) ID:40386

Job Description - Translating documents
- Support communication between local staff and Japanese staff from Indonesian to Japanese, Japanese to Indonesia
- Attend MTG with Japanese Director and take the minutes of a meeting
- Support Japanese Director and other Japanese staff like GA task, and admin task related job (Production and so on)
Required Qualifications Age : 23- 40 years old
Gender : Prefer Male
Education : Min D3
Experience : Fresh graduate oke if fast to learn and have experience in translater better
Language : JLPT Min N2
Salary Monthly Salary 7,000,000IDR 〜 8,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang


Job Description To supervise of day to day operations of the site work.
-To work according to a plan.
-Interact with Project Manager for clarification in design.
-To report about progress, non compliance, delay in work to the Project manager.
-Assist in the quality and safety
-Assist in necessary project documentation.
-Accurately inventorying the job site and ensuring that the supplies properly maintained.
-To ensure that the project is completed on time within the planned projects.
Required Qualifications -Age: around 30 ~ 40 years old
-Having knowledge for Mechanical Engineer from Manufacturing.
-Must be graduated from some kind of mechanical school.
-Working experience as mechanical engineer at least 5 years old.
-English dose not matter
-Japanese doesn't must but better
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000,000IDR 〜 7,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang


Job Description
Required Qualifications -5年以上の製造業界でのご経験
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000,000IDR 〜 20,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

QAQC Supervisor(Cikarang) ID:39730

Job Description - Quality Inspection Product
- Quality Report
- Handle Customer Claim
- Maintenance Measurement or Calibration
- Make QAV to supplier
- Improvement Quality
- Countermeasure analysis of discrepancies
Required Qualifications Age : 32-40 years old
Gender : Male
Educational : min D3 in any majoring
Experience : At least 5-10 years working experience as QAQC (min Senior staff/SPV level) in Manufacturing Company
Language : Fluent in English(oral and written)
Other :
- Able to understand ISO 9001
- Having Knowledge of QA & QC (automotive), 7 tools, Quality report
- Good communication with customer in case quality solving problem
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000,000IDR 〜 7,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

QC/QA Leader or Supervisor(Cikarang)(JAP Speaker) ID:32807

Job Description Quality Management (QCQA)
- Measuring whether existing products meet a set quality standards
- Achieves Quality Assurance operational objectives by monitoring and assigning day-to-day activities, identifying and
addressing gaps and problems
- Analysis and Implement trend of problem
- Sorting Nonconforming Finished goods
- Corresponding to claim and Customer support for Nonconforming goods
- Responsible for ISO/TS management
Required Qualifications Age : 26-40 years old
Gender : Male
Education : Doesn't matter
Experience : More than 5 years working experience as related position in Automotive metal parts
Language : Communicative of English, Good Japanese in speaking (min N3)
Others :
- Knowledge of ISO/TS 16949
- Able to use CMM, NC Machine and Machining Center
Salary Monthly Salary 4,500,000IDR 〜 9,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

Maintenance Engineering SPV(Electrical)(Cikarang) ID:40193

Job Description - Designing maintenance strategies, procedures and methods
- Carrying out routine scheduled maintenance work and responding to equipment faults
- Working with specialist equipment, such as programmable logic controllers (PLC), which control machinery on factory assembly lines
- Dealing with emergencies, unplanned problems and repairs
Required Qualifications Age : 35-43 years old
Gender : Male
Education : Doesn't matter
Experience : More than 5 years working experience as Maintenance Engineer especially in repairing in Manufacturing Company
Experience : Experience in Substation Maintenance PLN
Language : Doesn't matter
Others : Must be able to use PLC
Salary Monthly Salary 7,000,000IDR 〜 12,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

【Urgent!!】Accounting (Cikarang) ID:40237

Job Description - Handle Petty Cash
- Prepare Monthly sales and forecasting sales report
- Prepare tax payment
- Prepare report to Bank of Indonesia
- Check Payment schedule
- Prepare applying payment to GCMS
- Submit TAX Report
- Filling document, AR/AP, WIP
- Report to BKPM
- Make cash book Report to Singapore
Required Qualifications Age : 27-40 years old
Gender : Male
Education : min D3 in Accounting
Experience :
- At least 3-5 years of working experience in Accounting
- Able to handle on Indonesia Tax reporting
Language : Good command English(upper Neo 4)
Other : Knowledge on Import / Export / Shipping procedure will be added advantage
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 12,000,000IDR
Location Bekasi,Lippo Cikarang

Sales staff(Cikarang) ID:37802

Job Description - Learn about product
- Sell goods and services to industry, business and professional establishments, as well as build a good relationship with clients.
- Research new client and get an account from telemarketing and connection
- Handling customer complain
- Building up and maintaining business relationships and make estimates for client.
- Submmit report about activity
- Candidate can be Supervisor after probation depend on performance
Required Qualifications Age : 25-30 years old
Gneder : Female
Education : Doesn't matter
Religion : Doesn't matter
Car(License) : Candidate must have driving license
Experience : Experience as sales is advantage
Language : Doesn't matter(Indonesian only)
Other : Personality and potencial for sale person is the most important
Salary Monthly Salary 3,700,000IDR 〜 5,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

設計エンジニア/アドバイザー(Cikarang) ID:37970

Job Description ★日本で築かれた設計エンジニアとしての技術をインドネシアで活かしませんか??

- インドネシア人エンジニアへのアドバイジング
Required Qualifications 年齢:60~65歳くらい
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000,000IDR 〜 30,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

Sales Support (Cikarang) ID:31739

Job Description -Check warehouse and manage Excel data
-Analyze data for purchasing order
-Support Sales Department
-Following meeting and helping Japanese Chief
-Checking invoice and sending email to customer
Required Qualifications Age : Maximum 27 years old.
Gender : Female
Language : English Should be Business Level (N3-)
Experience 1 : As Sales Support at least 2~3 years.
Knowledge : Adimin, Sales Support.
Education : Minimum of S1
Others : Genki
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000,000IDR 〜 6,500,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

HR&GA Supervisor(Cikarang) ID:39729

Job Description - Handling expatriate documents: KITAS, Passport
- Controlling Company Regulation
- Make a policy to build stabilazation employee in company
- Make a plan and action to employee skill up
- Appraisal and judment diciplint of employee
- Handle problem between employee and Company (Bipartit or tripartit)
- Cooperation with labor office, BKPM, and Custom
- Make a monthly report regarding HRGA
- Maintenance building
Required Qualifications Age : 30-40 years old
Gender : Female
Educational : min D3 in any majoring
Experience :
- At least 5 years working experience as HRGA (min Senior staff/SPV level) in any industry, but in Japanese Company
- Experience in procedure KITAS, implementing Company regulation
Language : Fluent in English(oral and written)
Other :
- Having Capability in Recruitment, Payroll, HRGA report
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000,000IDR 〜 7,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

Japanese Interpreter (Cikarang) ID:40380

Job Description - Translate document Japanese to Indonesian or Indonesian to Japanese
- Accompanying when visiting Indonesian clients (business trip)
- Helping other department eg: HR, Marketing, etc (Multitasking)
Required Qualifications Age(Fresh): 20-35
Gender: Female
Religion: Moslem
Education: D3 - Japanese Literature
Language: Japanese: N3/N2
Certification: JLPT3/JLPT2
Experience: Have experience min 2 years, fresh graduate are welcome
- Willing work travelling
Status: 1 year contract after that can be permanent
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 7,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

Sales Supervisor (Cikarang) ID:36597

Job Description - Work closely with team members on lead generation, follow up and sales presentations
- Keep management informed by submitting activity and results reports, such as daily reports, weekly work plans and monthly and annual sales analyses
- Maintains sales records to ensure accurate reporting and retention of historical data.
- Looking for limousine service customer. (Japanese company, etc)
- Gather information of potential customers and provide to sales team.
- Efficiently respond to customer inquiries and other requests for existing and new customers within given time frames.
- Arrangement customer schedule.
Required Qualifications Age(Fresh): 28-33
Gender: Male
Religion: Dosent matter
Certification(License): non
Experience: at least having 5 years previous Business to Business sales experience in automotive industry supply chain
candidate with specific sales experience from packaging company is encouraged to apply.
OEM sales experience is needed.
Language: English should be fluent, working knowledge of English is a must while mastery of Japanese will be of significant advantage
Other: non
Education: S1
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000,000IDR 〜 12,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

Sales(Japanese Speaker)Cikarang ID:40376

Job Description
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000,000IDR 〜 10,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

Engineering Staff (Cikarang) ID:40370

Job Description - Power standard formula
- Volume
- General engineering of electrical products
- Assigned for engineering or production project
- Technical support for customers
- Other related tasks
Required Qualifications Age: 21-40
Gender: Male
Education: S1 mechanical Engineeringmajoring and Electrical Engineering
Experience: Have 1-year experience as engineer
Language: English (passive)
Type of employment: Contract (6 months)
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000,000IDR 〜 5,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

Sales Cutting Tools (Cikarang) ID:40366

Job Description - Maintain existing client
- Having good relationship with client
- Visiting client
Required Qualifications - Min. D3 any majoring
- Has experience as sales in japanese manufacture/ trading company
- Passionate in sales
- Able to have good relationship with existing clients
- Gender doesn't matter
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000 〜 12,000,000
Location Lippo Cikarang

QA Supervisor ( Cikarang ) ID:40364

Job Description - Planned quality assurance procedures of a product or service
- Interpret and implement quality assurance standards
- Evaluate the adequacy of quality assurance standards
- Designing sampling procedures and instructions to record and report quality data
- Documenting the internal audit and other quality assurance activities
- Coordinate and support on-site audit conducted by an external provider
- Evaluate audit findings and implement the appropriate corrective action
- Managing and checking the activities of risk management
- Responsible for the document management system
- Ensuring continuous compliance with regulatory requirements and industry defined quality companies
Required Qualifications Age 26 - 30
Having experienced 1 years as QA/QC at electrical manufacture
Having knowledge about QC seven tools
Javanese people prefereble
English min Neo 3
Salary Monthly Salary 6,500,000IDR 〜 8,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

Sales Executive ( Cikarang ) ID:40363

Job Description - Looking for new client
- Promote their products and distribute goods which aims to satisfy consumers
- Doing sales to foreign countries like Nigeria. Brunei, Malaysia, etc.
- Creating a marketing strategy to make a sale
- Responsible for maintaining good relations with customers
- Maintaining customer loyalty
- Conduct sales target
Required Qualifications Gender doesn't matters
Age : 25-28
Having experienced Min 1 years as sales in electrical, automotive or semiconductor industry
English level : Neo 3
Education :Min D3 from any kind Industry
Javenese person prefereble
Salary Monthly Salary 4,500,000IDR 〜 6,000,000IDR
Location Lippo Cikarang

All146 (1〜20 )