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Legal & Compliance Manager (Jakarta) ID:41991

Job Description - To draft and/or review agreement and other legal documentation
- To monitor regulations requirements relating to industry
- To assist in overseeing compliance framework of the Company
- To provide advice, views and opinion to local and expatriates management about legal aspect of Company business.
- Supervise administer legal and contract administration
- Monitoring updated Company’s certification, licenses and permit
- Handle and support cases of leasing facilities by submitting the lawsuit to The Police or District Court
Required Qualifications
Salary Monthly Salary 18,000,000IDR 〜 23,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

【大手リーズ会社】営業マーケティング ID:38367

Job Description 【金融業界】営業/マーケティング


Required Qualifications <<応募条件>>


Salary Monthly Salary 25,000,000IDR 〜 30,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Secretary (Japanese Speaker) (Jakarta) ID:41957

Job Description - Perform secretarial duties to the head of representative office.
- Answering phone calls and redirect them when necessary.
- Support and facilitate the completion of regular reports.
- Develop and maintain a filing system.
- Managing the daily/weekly/monthly agenda and arrange new meetings and appointments.
- Perform accounting duties of the representative office.
Required Qualifications - Preferably Female
- Min. 3 years of working experience in Japanese big company.
- Proactive, punctual and discipline.
- High understanding of Japanese Business Culture
- Have an eye for details, able to multitask, work efficiently and effectively.
Salary Monthly Salary 10,000,000IDR 〜 20,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Sales & Marketing Ass Mgr ~ Manager (Jakarta) ID:41788

Job Description - Maintain exciting client which use credit card service and finding new client to deal with credit card service which is biggest bank in Indonesia.
- Visiting client to get new order and advice new idea how to sell the credit card to consumer
- Making renewal planning about credit card to bank which is Account Officer
- Making new service agreement about credit card
Required Qualifications Education: Graduated from Reputable University with Bachelor Degree
Experience : At least 3 years in Sales, Banking/Finance experience will be advantage
Language: Upper Intermediate level Fluently in English
Salary Monthly Salary 7,000,000IDR 〜 14,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Finance & Accounting Manager(Jakarta) ID:41734

Job Description -Responsible to provide, ensure and control financial statement to management and all financial process.
-Responsible for the correctness of all aoccounting process, supporting document and validation of all transaction recorded into the system.
-Confirms financial status by monitoring revenues and expenses, consolidation and doing evaluation of financial data.
-Prepare monthly financial statement, analysis and other report that needed by compnay
-Maintain accounting controll by establishing chart of account, defining account policy and procedure/worksheet/workflow.
-Establish proper policy/procedure for Finance & Accounting Devision if necessary.
-Support for annual budget preparation and maintaining budget information in the system.
-Responsible to provide all data for annual tax return preparation.
-Officer in charge to assist Internal Auditor and External Auditor.
-Protect organization value by keeping information confidential
-Contribute idia to improve accounting performance in the company
-Support financial data to BOD or others
-Others related with scope of works
Required Qualifications Age: 35~42
Gender: Doesn't Matter
Education: Bachelor Degree (S1) Major in Accountant, post graduated was not mandatory
Language: Fluent English
Experience: have more than 5 years of experience as Finance and Accounting in B to B transaction at multifinancial institution (Multi finance, Banking, and etc..)
-have to have deep knowledge in best practices of finance, accounting and taxation.
-Fkuent in English at business level conversation both writing and speaking.
-Proficient in Microsoft Office
-Building positive working relationship and able to manage people in the team.
Salary Monthly Salary 10,000,000IDR 〜 20,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Corporate Legal Manager (Jakarta) ID:40984

Job Description 1. Prepares legal documents and correspondence from draft or dictated text
2. Manages Attorneys calendar and assists in meeting deadlines
3. Coordinates meetings which include but not limited to scheduling conference rooms, coordinating catering, notifying participants, etc; makes travel arrangements as required
4. Opens, prioritizes and distributes mail. Coordinates mailings, deliveries, copying and courthouse filings where appropriate
5. Enters Attorneys time into time management system; verifies client/matter numbers and practice codes; reviews proformas (initiates transfers), edits and prepares draft/final bills and cover letters for clients under the supervision of the Attorney/Paralegal as requested
Required Qualifications Age 30-45yrs old
Gender Doesn't matter
Language:English Upper level
Please give me CV if your candidate has experience or knowledge of 1 of balow
Have experience of Legal Manager for 3 years in Finance or Bank Industry
Have experience of working in law firm and handling company law(prefer to having certification of Peradi)
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000,000IDR 〜 20,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Asst Mgr~Mgr of Sales & Customer Service Division(Jakarta) ID:41819

Job Description As an assistant manager of Sales & Customer Service Division, the person will be in charge of all of the sales activity of the company including among all:
1) Corporate Sales of ATM outsourcing business of bank
2) Searching & Finding location for ATM installment
2) All of Customer Service activities
1.Division management (at least 4-5 staffs will report to the assistant manager)
2.Sales activity for banks and other financial institutions to make partnership with them
3.Sales activity for chain stores and other location owners to install company’s ATM inside the location
4.All of Customer Service activities
5.Report to Director & President Director
Required Qualifications Age: 35-45 years old
Gender: Doesn't matter
Education: Min S1 degree from any majoring
English: Able to speak in English above intermediate level (Min Neo-3)
*At least 10-year experience in wholesale/B to B business, in sales/marketing
(most preferable if experienced sales/marketing to banks in ATM related business)
*Has business experience to supervise subordinates as a head of unit
Skill: Capable of using Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)
Other: Strong commitment to accomplish the annual target set by the management team
Salary Monthly Salary 10,000,000IDR 〜 25,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Financial Solution Sales Manager/GM(Jakarta) ID:41528

Job Description Financial Solutions Sales (Manager or General Manager level)
- Doing financial analysis for prospect customer and customer’s creditability.
- Review customer's credit applications, analyze credit bureaus and calculate financial ratios.
- Make a prudent credit analysis report by obtaining financial data and conducting site survey.
- Analyze customer's situation of sales and financial information to determine present and future performance.
- Provide financial solutions to customers regarding cost saving or profit generating opportunities and profitability improvement strategies.
- Provide financial solutions to control and settle non performing loan.
- Identify and communicate trends and other strategic information to customers.
- Build and maintain strong and effective relationship with customers.
- Achieve monthly individual or team based targeted performance goals.
- Report the sales activities and communicate with Japanese directors.
Required Qualifications - Age 35-49, Gender doesn't matter
- Bachelors Degree in Accounting, Finance, Banking, Business Administration or related majoring
- English should be fluent, business level
- 5-10 years related experience in Leasing, Banking, or any finance industry as Sales, Marketing or Relationship officer
- Excellent planning, organizing and communication skills
- Strong, analytical and financial analysis abilities
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000,000IDR 〜 40,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Legal Manager (Jakarta) ID:41708

Job Description - KYC Analyst
- Create Contractual Documents/ Legal Documents
- Review Contractual Documents/ Legal Documents
- Legal Documents Management
- Study OJK Regulation
- Any legal support of Corporate
- Update and share OJK Regulation
Required Qualifications Age: Maximum 35 years old
Gender: Male or Female
English should be fluent
Education: Minimal S1 (Bachelor) majoring in Law or equivalent
★Experience: Minimum 2 years in legal corporate background
★License a lawyer from Peradi
- Legal Analysis skill
- Ability to communicate and negotiate well
- Able to operate Windows, MS Office,MS Word,Excel
- Good Personality
Salary Monthly Salary 10,000,000IDR 〜 20,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Sales and Customer Relationship Chief(Jakarta) ID:41709

Job Description - Finance Sales (Factoring, Finance Lease)
- Build and maintain strong and effective relationship with customers.
- Report the sales activities and communicate with Japanese directors.
- Collecting overdue receivables from client.
- Coordinating legal action together with legal division to settle overdue account.
Required Qualifications Age: Below 30 years old
Gender: Male or Female
English should be fluent
Education: Minimum S1 (Bachelor)
★Experience: Minimum 2 years in Sales in the field of Banking/Financing/Leasing business
★Collection business in the field of Banking/Financing/Leasing business
- Ability is to prior anything
- Good communication skill
- Co-working skill
- Finance sales skill
Salary Monthly Salary 7,000,000IDR 〜 18,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Sales(Jakarta)(Japanese speaker) ID:41769

Job Description - Building and developing a strong and effective relationship with new / existing customers.
- Educating the customer in knowing rental/operating lease scheme.
- Sales and marketing and support their activities to achieve company target.
- Doing market research and planning a new program to expand marketing activities
Required Qualifications Age : 25-33 years old
Gender: Doesn't matter
Education : min D3/S1 from Economic/Accounting/Finance is preferable
Experience : At least 2-3 years working experience as sales in any industry but Finance industry is preferable
Language : Fluent in Japanese (min N3 equal to N2)
Other : Having knowledge of Financial statement
Salary Monthly Salary 10,000,000IDR 〜 12,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta,Tangerang,Bekasi

Credit Risk Analyst(Jakarta) ID:41735

Job Description -Review and assess client's financial statement
-Perform credit risk management review for clients and give deliberation to management
-This work including visiting customer and evaluate customer's capability to meet debt repayment in the future.
-Prepare to report extending company's credit status to management
-Establish proper policy/procedure for Credit Risk Division
-Notify and endure to Marketing Team regarding Credit Risk Management rules and procedure
-Ensure accurate and appropriate documents for disbursement in accordance with prevailing laws and regulations
-Identify system "rejects/fall outs" and take appropriate corrective action
-Identify and implement ideas for process improvement
-Assure all disbursement documents are completed and forwarded to approprite parties in Finance and Acounting Division.
-Administer and maintain all information and update warranty documents database and prepare require filling documents
-Handle and maintain leasing insurance
Required Qualifications Age: 26~35
Gender: Doesn't Matter
Education: Bachelor Degree (S1) from any Major, post graduated was not mandatory
Language: Fluent English
-have more than 2 years of experience as Finance and Accounting in B to B transaction at Banking, Leasing or Financing company
-Experienced as Credit Risk Analyst for minimum 2 years

-Fkuent in English at business level conversation.
-Proficient in Microsoft Office
Salary Monthly Salary 10,000,000IDR 〜 15,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Compliance, AML-CFT & Risk Management(Jakarta) ID:41736

Job Description -To establish the risk management and compliance related policy and procedure, as well as the implementation in the company
-To formulate compliance tool to ensure that, in conducting the business the company is in-line with the precailing regulations as well as the internal policies
-Analyze and manage risk management issues by identifying, measuring and reporting on operational enterprise risk in the company
-Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the risk appetite set out by the Board and the risk owners
-Review and planning based on updated Law & Regulation. (OJK regukation ans PPATK regulation, etc.)
-AML Function (Advisory, Regulation, CDD, KYC, Sanction and etc.)
-Consolidate Incident and critical compliant
-Support to resolve Critical complaint
-Investigate the occurrence of an alleged fraud, theft, and bribery related issue
-Legal Basis for Money Laundry, Anti-Social Forces
-Planning, monitoring and review for Crisia Management Plan
-Ocersee within the company organization in compliance matters
-Understanding the requirements and application of Good Corporate Government (GCG) and provide input to the implementation
-Prepare risk management and compliance related report to the regulator, including but not limited to risk based supervision and risk management implementation reporting to OJK, STR and CTR reporting to PPATK
-To assist Internal Audit PIC in following up their audit findings to all divisions
-To formulate the awareness of the employees in regard to compliance issues
Required Qualifications Age: 26~35
Gender: Doesn't Matter
Education: Bachelor Degree (S1) Major in Law
Language: Fluent English
-Minimum 2 years of experience as Compliance and Risk Management in B to B transation at Banking, Leasing or Multi finance company
-Should possess competent knowledge and experiences in establishing or expanding Risk Management and Compliance Division are preferred
-Good knowledge in Government Regulation, OJK, etc
-Expertise in risk and control functions
-Good communication skill and negotiation
-Flulent in written and spoken English
-Building positive working relationship
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 10,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

General Manager of Finance Business Div. (Jakarta) ID:41710

Job Description - Corporate governance system management and enhancement
- Management a few sections (Finance Business division & Corporate Division)
- Financing scheme development
- Customer relationship
- Build up and enhance SOP
- Prepare Financial Statements and Analysis
- Budget Management
- Create Financing Risk mitigation plan
Required Qualifications Age: 30 - 35 years old
Gender: Male or Female
English should be fluent
Education: Minimal S1 (Bachelor) of Accounting
★Experience: Minimum 5 years in Bank, Investment Bank, Corporate Venture Capital, Accounting Firm
★Required Specific Knowledge & Skill;
- Financial Statement Analysis & Preparation
- Credit Analysis
- Accounting knowledge
- Financing Risk mitigation planning

- Ability for suggestion/proposal to BOD and customer
- Self-management skill
- Comprehensive ability
- Ability to communicate and negotiate well
- Able to operate Windows, MS Office,MS Word,Excel
- Good Personality
Salary Monthly Salary 15,000,000IDR 〜 35,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Financial Manager/Senior Manager(Leasing)(Jakarta) ID:39626

Job Description - Funding management (borrowing from banks, Issuing bonds).
- Foreign exchange, financial risk management.
- Cash management, Accounting full set.
- Deal and negotiate with banks on loan/deposit/foreign exchange/swap.
- Prepare monthly reports or reports as required regarding
1) internal reports on item 2) versus budget or business plan, reports to OJK/Bank Indonesia etc.
- Maintain and review agreements with banks.
- Supervise and subordinate about followings
*cash management including petty cash
*all SOP of finance department
- Follow up latest regulations on OJK/BI
- Monitoring branch operation about petty cash and GIRO
Required Qualifications Age: 35 ~ 49 years old
Education: Bachelor Degree from Management / Accounting / Economic or any related study.
Experience :
- Has experience in Finance Leasing Company at least 5-7 years as Manager level in Finance field.
1)Funding management (long term, borrowing from not only Domestic Banks, but also Foreign Capital Banks)
2)Cash management
3)Issuing bonds
4)Manage Foreign exchange contracts SWAP
5)Risk Management
- Good communication in English (business level)
- Good in computer skills, Microsoft Office, SAP, CONFINS
- Have a good analytical thinking, mature personality, leadership and trustworthy
Salary Monthly Salary 20,000,000IDR 〜 40,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

Interpreter N2 or N1(Jakarta)(Japanese Speaker) ID:41615

Job Description -trancelate the document(request for decision)
-translate system in Bahasa to Japanese
-Interpreter when Japanese come to Indonesia by business trip
Required Qualifications Age:25-40 years old
Gender: Doesn't matter
Education: S1
Language: Japansese N1 or N2 English Neo-4
It's prefer to have experience of Interpreter for Japanese
Salary Monthly Salary 10,000,000IDR 〜 15,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

<有名大手会計事務所>移転価格アドバイザリー急募しています!! ID:40054

Job Description ジャパンデスク内Tax部門にてTransfer Pricing<移転価格税>を扱うチームでの



Required Qualifications <ご経験重視>
Salary Monthly Salary 30,000,000IDR 〜 50,000,000IDR
Location Jakarta

All17 (1〜17 )