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Cost Control Manager (having SAP)(Karawang) ID:41147

Job Description -Contact to Plant manager
-Report to other Manager about the cost that Plant things from Plant manager
-Put in Info using SAP
-Support to admin
-Handled Money
Required Qualifications -Finance statement×
-SAP understand
Salary Monthly Salary 10,000,000IDR 〜 18,000,000IDR
Location Karawang

Assembly Leader (Karawang) ID:41204

Job Description - Control the quality and production output
- Control 5S production area
- Check report and document production
- Control of the production process and the condition of the machine in line
Required Qualifications - Gender : Male
- Age : Below 30 years old
- Education : Doesn't matter
- Experienced : As assembly for "Part Plastic Injection" at least 4 years
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 5,500,000IDR
Location Karawang

Injection Leader (Karawang) ID:41207

Job Description - Responsible for all activity in Injection Department
- Analyze and solve problem when injection process (problem in Machine or NG Product)
- Keep the result of production based on target quality and quantity
- Make an SOP
- Kaizen
- Allocation of man power
Required Qualifications - Gender : Male
- Age : Below 30 years old
- Education : Doesn't matter
- Experienced : As Injection for "Maintenance Mold" at least 4 years
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 5,500,000IDR
Location Karawang

Maintenance Leader (Karawang) ID:41208

Job Description - Support the smooth production
- Repair and preventive electricity
- Improvement of electricity
- Control needs electricity
- Check report and document maintenance
Required Qualifications - Gender : Male
- Age : Below 30 years old
- Education : Doesn't matter
- Experience : As Maintenance for "Electricity" at least 4 years
- Skill : Sequence Control / PLC
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 5,500,000IDR
Location Karawang

Engineer staff(Karawang) ID:41199

Job Description - Well known drawing skill (read, create, modify) & design
- Design Die Casting Mold with CAD
- Ensure machines and dies are being repaired when needed
- Operate metal and plastic molding and casting machines
Required Qualifications Age: 20-30 years old
Gender: Only Male
Experience: Must have experience in Automotive parts company
Language: English should be communicative level (More than Neo-4)
Skill: Able to use Auto CAD 2D & 3D
Other: Living in Karawang is preferable
Personality: Team worker, Diligence, Honesty and Genki person
Salary Monthly Salary 4,500,000IDR 〜 6,000,000IDR
Location Karawang

Production Assistant Staff(Body Press)(Karawang) ID:41169

Job Description - Receive customer requirement and drawing and prepare for new model
- Control Process new model development
- Preparation material for trial.
- Making schedule trial for dies
- Follow up schedule new project.
- Making manufacturing control plan.
Required Qualifications Age : 23-25 years old
Gender : Male
Education : Minimum STM / SMK Automotive Engineering (Minimum 3,0)
Experience : Experience in Control Process NEW MODEL DEVELOPMENT in Automotive Industry
Language : Able to speak English (min Neo4)
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000,000IDR 〜 5,500,000IDR
Location Karawang,Other (Indonesia)

Utility Leader (Karawang) ID:41196

Job Description Responsible for the planning and implementation of the maintenance utility

Required Qualifications 1. Min Diploma any majoring .
2. Has experience as a utility at least 3 years
3. Master in electrical installation system
4. Willing working in Karawang
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000,000IDR 〜 5,000,000IDR
Location Karawang

IT Asst Manager (Karawang) ID:39827

Job Description 1. Supervise, assist a third party to make the system
2. Handling for internal task
3. Briefed members
Required Qualifications 1. Bachelor degree related with IT field
2. Male age 30-40 years old
3. Has experience as a Programmer/PM/Analyst at least 5 years
4. Willing working in Karawang
Salary Monthly Salary 8,000,000IDR 〜 10,000,000IDR
Location Karawang

Chinese Interpreter(Karawang) ID:41186

Job Description -Interpreting and Translating Mandarin (Chinese)
-Translate for New project with Machine from China
Required Qualifications Gender: Doesn't matter
Education: Doesn't Matter
If you have experience of Translator of Chinese, it will be advantage.
But first priority is skill of Chinese
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 10,000,000IDR
Location Karawang

Project Planning Staff (Karawang) ID:40979

Job Description Staff of Project Planning Department
・Handling the project schedule and plan for the new project.
・Handling more than 1000 of parts.
Required Qualifications Age; Male, 24-35
Education; S1 from Industrial Engineering
Experience; Has experienced handling Project and as Project Planning experience in Automotive company.
Language; Fluent in English
Other; Prefer to have experience working at large company that handle the million of parts control.
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 7,500,000IDR
Location Karawang

Production Engineering SPV (Karawang,July) ID:41182

Job Description 1. Experience as a PE min 3 years at automotive part industy
2. Experience to handle APQP activity
3. Experience Start up New model
4. Experience conduct meeting regarding new model preparation
5. Control maintenance activity
6. Control and handle machine problem
7. Experience making & control PE Budget
8. Experience Making meeting report for cost analyse PE Dept.
9. Can speaking English / preffer skil : Japanesse speaking
Required Qualifications Age : Male max 38 years
2Education: Min D3 and S1 Mechanical Engineer
Languange : Min Neo 4
Salary Monthly Salary 7,000,000IDR 〜 8,500,000IDR
Location Karawang

Production Supervisor(Body Welding)(Karawang) ID:41168

Job Description - Organize and coordinate the man power and material needs of production
- Doing overcoming the problem of daily production, safety, quality and production
- Coordination among shift as well as with other relevant sections
Required Qualifications Age : 27-35 years old
Gender : Male
Education : Minimum D3/S1 Technical program engineering
Experience : Experience in Automotive Manufacturing (Welding) is the best but other industry is also acceptable, but it should be from Manufacturing
Experience : Experience in managing subordinates and arranging man power
Language : Doesn't matter
Other :
- Knowledge of automotive production processes highly considered (flow processes)
- Ability to organize manpower
- Understand the calculation and production capacity
- Understand the production process including planning the use of materials
- Understand the basics of product quality welding
- Ability to make judgment to determine the quality decision
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 9,000,000IDR
Location Karawang,Other (Indonesia)

Sales Marketing (Karawang) ID:40183

Job Description Sales / Marketing Supervisor
-Finding new client
-Maintain existing customer
Required Qualifications Female
Max 35 years old
Experience as sales in Manufacturing especially in Automotive, Painting or Electronic, minimum 2 years
Minimum bachelor degree
Salary 5,5 – 6 million
live in Cikarang or Karawang
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 6,000,000IDR
Location Karawang

Purchasing Supervisor (Karawang) ID:40184

Job Description Purchasing Supervisor
・Maintain, control&stock material base on PPC monthly plan.
・Strong Negotiation with a supplier.
・Make PO and coordination with other departments.
・Make report daily, weekly and monthly to Director/Presdir.
・Experience handle chemical supplier.
Required Qualifications Education: Minimum Diploma Degree
English: Minimum Intermediate level
Experience: Minimum 2 years Purchasing in Manufacturing company (Prefer similar Industry)
Previously have supervisor experience with more than 2 Subordinates
Stay in Karawang is a must
Salary Monthly Salary 4,500,000IDR 〜 6,000,000IDR
Location Karawang

Interpreter N1/N2 (Japanese Speaker) (Karawang) ID:41173

Job Description Interpreting for president director , Indonesian to Japanese vice versa
Support Japanese staff, also HQ Japanese staff
Translate document Indonesian to Japanese
Sometimes make document and e-mail in Japanese
Join MTG as an interpreter
Required Qualifications Age(Fresh): 25-35 years old
Gender: Doesn't matter
Religion: Doesn't matter
Certification(License): JLPT N1/N2
Experience: Minimal 1-2 years as interpreter (Fresh Graduate are welcome)
Education: S1 from any majoring
Salary Monthly Salary 9,000,000IDR 〜 10,000,000IDR
Location Karawang

Press dies maintenance (Karawang) ID:40445

Job Description Maintenance Engineer or Dies (Metal press)
Maintenance & Trouble shooting
Instruct leaders of operator
Improve & revise design of dies
Required Qualifications Age(Fresh): between 25 to 39 years old
Gender: doesn't matter
Religion: doesn't matter
Experience: more than 2 years experience in press dies maintenance.
Salary Monthly Salary 4,000,000IDR 〜 6,000,000IDR
Location Karawang

Leader Maintenance (Karawang) ID:40683

Job Description - Maintenance of machine
- Equipment control
- Check schedule yearly maintenance
- Fabrication,
- Maintenance and repair of production machines utilization installation
- Engine installation project
- Support production
Required Qualifications Age: 25-35 years old
Minimum D3 any majoring
Minimum three years experience as maintenance in automotive manufacture industry
Having knowledge in CNC machine
Salary Monthly Salary 5,000,000IDR 〜 6,000,000IDR
Location Karawang

Secretary(Karawang) ID:32679

Job Description - Administration/Secretary tasks for Supporting Japanese President Director and Managers.
- GA/HR tasks to help for HR department.
- Preparing document for client meeting.
- Preparing immigration documents, KITAS/VISA.
- Scheduling and booking control for tickets, hotels, restaurants, etc.
Required Qualifications Female, 23-30 years old
Education: Bachelor in any field
Experience: min. 1 year of working experience in Japanese company as a secretary (Machinery or Automotive industry is preferred)
Language: English must be fluent
Salary Monthly Salary 6,000,000IDR 〜 7,000,000IDR
Location Karawang

Ass.Spv/Spv Plating (Karawang) ID:37509

Job Description General plating job task.
-confirm the manufacturing schedule and implementation and manage the process date.
-This position will provide manufacturing expertise in the areas of powder coat paint, wet paint, wash systems, automation systems, new system installations, shot blasting, chrome plating, and environmental aspects for all global regions.
-The candidate will work to develop detailed business cases for new manufacturing processes.
Required Qualifications 1. Male
2. Minimum Bachelor degree
3. Maximum 35 years old
4. Background as minimum Leader or Ass Spv in Manufacturing especially in Platting/Chromate or Painting min 2 years
5. Live in Karawang
6. Salary 4,5 ~ 5,5 million
Salary Monthly Salary 4,500,000IDR 〜 5,500,000IDR
Location Karawang

Interpreter(Japanese Speaker)(Karawang) ID:41072

Job Description 1. Data entry in in any department
2. Check inventory and entry data
3. Interpret in meeting from Indonesian to Japanese
4. Translate in meeting and take the minutes of a meeting
5. Support for General Affair department
Required Qualifications - Female/Male, age 22-30 years old
- Educational requires : Minimum Bachelor Degree
- Religion : doesn't matter
- Speaking and writing skill : Japanese level of N2, N1 (be able to read and write KANJI)
- At least 1 year Experience as Interpreter

Salary Monthly Salary 7,000,000IDR 〜 12,000,000IDR
Location Karawang

All109 (1〜20 )